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What is H2alO™?

H2alO™ is the world's most technologically advanced and reliable Smart Water Leak Detection and Water Damage Prevention system. H2alO's patented Smart Sensor can detect, analyze and confirm the presence of a water leak and then not just automatically shut your water off, but also send you an alert via your smart device.

The advanced technology in H2alO's water leak detection sensors eliminate the possibility of both false alarms and missed leaks. And, as an added bonus, many insurance companies will offer policy discounts for the installation of a Water Leak Detection System.

How Does The H2alO™ Smart Water Leak Detection System Work?

H2alO™'s patented Smart Water Sensors are installed in high-risk locations, throughout your residential or commercial property such as bathrooms, kitchens, air conditioners, ice makers, hot water heaters and washing machines. These Smart Sensors detect, analyze and confirm a water leak before they send a signal back to the receiver.

Once the signal is sent a notification is immediately sent to your smart device to alert you of the leak and the receiver automatically closes the water valve to protect your home or commercial building from water damage and water-related mold damage. Unlike the other systems out there, our patented, advanced technology ensures that there will be no false alarms and no missed leaks.

What Separates H2alO™ from Other Smart Water Leak Detection Systems?

  • The patented technology built into each and every H2alO™ Smart Sensor is what makes it the best product available on the market today. While most of the sensor-based water leak detection system uses just 2 narrow probes connected to their sensor, the H2alO™ Smart Sensor has an astounding 1500 Transmitters built into the bottom of the component. It takes as little as a half teaspoon of water to detect, analyze and confirm that there is a leak.
  • H2alO™ advanced technology allows their Smart Sensors to analyze and confirm a leak; thus, preventing false alarms.
  • H2alO™ Smart Sensors have a flat detection surface which eliminates issues arising from surfaces that are not level.
  • All H2alO™ Smart Sensors are wireless and waterproof.
  • H2alO™ Smart Sensors are practically can literally drive a car over them and they will still work.
  • H2alO™ Smart Sensors can be placed directly on any surface such as metal, porcelain, ceramic tile or concrete, allowing us to put them inside of walls for the protection of shower mixing valves.
  • H2alO™ Smart Sensors do not need to be mounted on a wall or baseboard.
  • H2alO™ Smart Sensors' detection area is 6 ½ square inches versus the two probe sensors which have only a ¼ " detection area.
  • H2alO™ is a commercial quality system that is affordable for everyone, including residential homeowners.

The cost of a H2alO™ solution varies depending upon the size and number of water sources in your home or commercial building. However, it will always be significantly less than the cost of water damage remediation and repair...not to mention the stress and disruption a serious water leak would inevitably cause to your home or business!