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The best carpet for a person with pets or kids

Here at Classic Floors, we don't believe you have to compromise on beautiful flooring just because of your pet. We carry the best carpet for people who have pets or kids and still would like to have a beautiful home. We offer three different kinds of carpet that are great for pets or kids.

The first selection of carpet that is best for people with kids or pets, is Nylon carpet. Nylon carpet, is the strongest of all the fibers, it is durable and the easiest to maintain carpet there is. It is also damage resistant and soil resistant with the nylon material can withstand anything. Nylon based carpet is best used where kids or pets are mostly inside the home.

Another great selection for carpet is Polypropylene, it's great for pets considering it is stain resistant. Polypropylene is almost as durable as nylon but less expensive, it's water resistant, and can be cleaned with stronger cleaning supplies such as bleach and carpet cleaner without damaging the fibers. Polypropylene carpet is stain resistant so its best used where kids or pets create a lot of traffic, such as a busy family room.

Polyester fiber based carpet provides the most beautiful colorations available in the industry. Polyester, is durable, resistant to stains and very resistant to fading. The wonderful characteristics about polyester is its non-allergic, resists moths and mildew, and sheds moisture. Another great quality about Polyester fiber is that it is less expensive than the other fibers but also very durable.

Different types of carpeting options

Our top selling carpet vendor we offer here at Classic Floors is Mohawk. Mohawk has been providing carpets since 1878. Mohawk flooring is one of the most trusted leaders in the industry. Mohawk proudly manufactures every piece of carpet in the United States. Mohawk offers many different selections of carpet such as nylon carpet, wool carpet, polyester carpet, and many more.

Another lovely carpet vendor we carry here at Classic Floors is Kane Carpet. Kane Carpet established in 1947, has become superior in the carpet industry known for its wonderful quality and business integrity. We proudly carry Kane Carpet in a variety of styles, colors, and durability.

Not only do we carry carpet for homes, we also carry commercial carpeting. Commercial carpeting is for high traffic areas such as schools, offices, hospitals, etc. Our top seller carpet vendor Mohawk also has extension of commercial carpets called Aladdin Commercial. It would be a great addition to any office or school.

Hard Wood Flooring

We set ourselves apart from the competition by offering unparalleled floor selections and services. We carry a wide variety of wood flooring including; Hardwood, Engineered Wood, Bamboo, Cork, Tile Wood, Laminate, and Luxury Vinyl Tile that looks like wood.

Hardwood vs. Engineered Wood vs. Laminate

Laminate and engineered wood floors are often confused for each other but one thing is clear- neither are "real wood," in the sense of being 100% sawn wood like solid hardwood flooring. Beyond that, the distinction gets murky.

Engineered Wood Floors are very popular in Southwest Florida. Engineered wood is most closely aligned to solid hardwood. The price point is similar to hardwood and it does incorporate a thin layer of natural wood on top of dimensionally-stable plywood. Engineered Wood Flooring works well as a moderate to good moisture resistance floors. Due to its dimensionally stable base layers, engineered wood flooring actually stands up to moisture better than solid hardwood. The resale value of engineered wood is high; home buyers love it.

Laminate Floors are a bargain priced product that can look great. Even though laminate flooring is composed of a majority of wood fibers, none of the wood is in its natural state. One thing to know is that there is a common misconception that laminate is made of plastic. This is not true, there is some resin on the top wear layer. Laminate flooring is moderately water-resistant. If installed well, so that no seams are exposed, it presents a waterproof shield. But when water infiltrates the lower layer it can swell up. Once swollen, the only recourse is to rip it out and reinstall new floors. This is important to consider when buying new floors.

If you're looking to add warmth and beauty to your home, nothing compares to genuine hardwood flooring. Engineered and solid hardwood floors are very similar, but there are significant differences in their overall construction. Engineered wood floors behave a little differently than solid hardwood does. They tend to be easier to install and are usually less expensive than solid hardwood.

However, not all wood floors are created equal. Depending on the type or species of wood the flooring is made of will determine what type of performance qualities it has. Understanding these differences will go a long way to help you choose the wood floor that's right for your home.

Bamboo and Cork

Both cork and bamboo are better environmental choices than a new traditional hardwood floor or a carpeted floor. Cork doesn't require the harvesting of trees, only of bark and it's done by hand. Cork can be softer under your feet and is cooler in the summer. Cork is great for reducing sound and is very easy to maintain. Installation for cork floors is very easy as well, there is no underlay required or preparation of the subfloor. Cork floors are known for being free from allergens and is naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, which is great for the humid Florida weather. Cork planks can come in many different sizes and come in the same dimensions as hardwood planks, which makes it look much like wood floors. Cork is increasing in popularity which is great when considering resale value.

Bamboo flooring is a highly durable flooring choice. Bamboo can be subjected to extensive usage and can stand up very well to the abrasion caused by children and pets. Bamboo floors are tough enough to resist the impact of falling objects in the kitchen as well as other high traffic areas such as living rooms and hallways. Another great thing about Bamboo floors is that they are more scratch resistant than most hardwoods. They are actually comparable in hardness and durability to some of the most commonly used hardwood flooring materials such as oak and maple.

Bamboo flooring provides a warm looking environment through its natural growth patterns plus it adds a level of coziness to an interior. Much like cork, bamboo flooring is one of the most environmentally friendly wood flooring options, because it is made from a highly renewable source. It is actually a grass that re-grows after it is strictly monitored and harvested. Sustainability, renewability, and simplicity of maintenance all make bamboo flooring a very "green" flooring material indeed. Plus, bamboo is easy to clean because it does not require any chemicals for maintenance.

Tile Floor

When investing in something like flooring, you want to make sure that you are completely confident in your decision. No matter what your style, there's a flooring solution to bring your vision to life. Many builders and home owner choose tile for their own homes due to its versatility and many benefits.

Porcelain tile

Porcelain tile is a popular choice for tile floors. Porcelain, compared to ceramic tiles, is a denser, less porous, and harder option that offers greater stain and water resistance. Porcelain offers unmatched design versatility and can often mimic natural stone varieties, such as granite and limestone. The two basic types of porcelain tiles are through-bodied and glazed. Through-bodied gives off colors and textures that run all the way through the tile which disguise chips or scratches. This also allows for the tile to be strong and durable, it contains no glaze that could wear off. This feature makes it suitable for floors, walls, and countertops. Glazes porcelain tile is completely covered in a wear layer or hard finish that is typically colored. Glazed porcelain tile is also strong and dense and it offers the widest range of colors and designs.

Wood tiles

Wood tiles are becoming increasingly popular. Wood flooring is notoriously difficult to maintain because it scratches, dents, warps, cracks, and chips under stress from traffic, pets, and messes. It needs to be cleaned regularly and refinished/resealed every couple of years. Wood-look tiles are easy to clean and maintain. You don't have to be as strict with cleaning methods or have to worry about damaging tile with children or pets. If damage does occur, you can replace a single tile, or multiple tiles, easily without having to redo an entire section of flooring. With wood tiles you should consider putting down new sealer every 3-5 years to keep moisture from seeping into the tile or grout due to the high humidity in Southwest Florida.


Ceramic tile is a great option for flooring in kitchens and bathrooms because it is easy to clean and doesn't harbor bacteria. Ceramic tile is rated from zero to five based on hardness; zero through two is suitable for wall tile, three is good for most residential uses, and four and five are hard enough for commercial applications. With the harder vitreous tiles in particular, you have to drop something really heavy if you want to scratch the tile. High heels are far less terrifying on glazed-tile floor coverings, as it withstands high pressure. The floor tile glazes are so hard that even a stiletto heel can't harm them.

Here at Classic Floors we carry a wide range of tiles for your flooring options. Everything from tile that looks like wood to tile imported from Italy to "green" friendly and anti-bacterial. We have the perfect tile to transform any home into a dream home.