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The Best Carpet for YOUR Lifestyle

Here at Classic Floors & Countertops, we believe you should not have to compromise on beautiful flooring just because of your lifestyle...

We have the best selection of carpet in Southwest Florida, including varieties designed specifically for those of us who have pets or kids, but still want a beautiful home with stylish, chic carpeting. Classic Floors & Countertops proudly offers three distinct kinds of carpet that are absolutely great for pets or kids.

Nylon Carpet

Nylon carpet is the most expensive, most versatile, and the strongest, of all synthetic carpet fibers; it is also the most durable and the easiest to maintain. In fact, it is so solid that Nylon wire is actually stronger than steel wire, when comparing wires of the same diameter. Damage and soil-resistant, its extraordinary strength and durability means that nylon carpet can withstand practically anything you (or your kids or your pets) can throw at it.

Nylon Carpet
Polypropylene Carpet

Polypropylene Carpet

Another great option is Polypropylene carpeting. Stain-resistant, water-resistant and nearly as durable as Nylon, this synthetic material is an ideal candidate for those looking for many of the characteristics of Nylon carpeting, but at a lower price point. Polypropylene can even be cleaned with very strong cleaning supplies, such as bleach and carpet cleaner, without sustaining any damage to the actual fibers. Polypropylene carpet is best utilized in high-traffic areas of your home, such as a busy family room.

Polyester Carpet

Polyester fiber-based carpeting provides the most beautiful colorations available in the industry. Polyester is durable, resistant to both stains and fading, is hypoallergic, resists moths and mildew quite well and even naturally sheds moisture. The best thing about polyester fiber-based carpeting is that, despite its impressive strength and durability, it is the most budget friendly option available.

(It is important to note that BOTH nylon and polyester are available in a wide range of qualities, meaning it is very likely that you could install high-grade polyester that will outperform a low-grade Nylon carpet.)

Polyester Carpet
Kane Carpet

Mohawk and Kane Carpet

At Classic Floors & Countertops we carry some of the best, most sought-after brands in the industry. Our top-selling carpet vendor is Mohawk. Mohawk has been producing top-of-the-line carpets since 1878 and has become one of the most trusted leaders in the industry. Mohawk proudly manufactures and assembles every single piece of carpet right here, in the United States. Mohawk offers a wide variety of different selections of carpet to choose from, including nylon carpet, wool carpet, polyester carpet and many, many more.

Another one of our top-sellers here at Classic Floors & Countertops is Kane Carpet. Kane Carpet was established in 1947 and has since become one of the most respected names in the carpet industry. Known for the superior quality of their products, as well as their steadfast commitment to business integrity, we are proud to offer Kane Carpet in a variety of styles, colors and durability ratings.

In addition to our wide-ranging selection of residential carpet, we also carry commercial carpeting. Commercial carpeting is specifically designed to withstand the stress of high traffic areas such as schools, offices, hospitals, etc. Our top-selling commercial carpet is an extension of Mohawk, known as Aladdin Commercial. Stylish and superior in quality, Aladdin Commercial carpeting would be a great addition to any office, school or any other commercial space.